Jun 22, 2009

item #2

Today is the "Reek's day". Reek is my favorite store. (super super cute store!)
I'll introduce to you Reek's Orbiting Rocket Ship and Plumbob.

Yesterday, Reek released this super duper cute rocket! "Orbiting Rocket Ship". This rocket move around your head. And It can change 15 colors! (my color is 8. hot pink) awwww. Really cute cute cute stuff.
This is "Plumbob". If you play the sims, then you know this diamond. It shows your emotions. If your plumbob is Platinum or Bright green color, you are so happy or very good. But If your plumbob is Orange or Red, you have bad feeling or spend horrible time.
Plumbob comes with two notecards in the 'content' tab. "goodtriggers" and "badtriggers". You can edit the notecard. (For example, you can put your lovely friend or lover's name in goodtriggers.) If you say your goodtrigggers or badtriggers word, then the Plumbob's color is changing.
My english is so bad. And my explanation is not enough. But don't worry about that. If you purchase these amazing stuff, then you can receive the manual.
Happy shopping!
Peppertones - Galaxy Tourist