Oct 28, 2009

lookbook #88

So many new release informaion in this post! :SEY released new bags!! And all bags are awesome!! I choose one of the new items "Guitar bag". They included 5 textures, so you can easily change the texture. !lamb. released so cute long hairs. I choose "Poppyseed"! Very cute and girlish! .::Mother Goose's::. released new asian face skin! They offer girls and boys version! So you can make your real brother in sl! lol My favorite (NO) release new men's wear! This cardigan is very good on girls too! Check!
이번 주 많은 아이템들이 새로 릴리즈했습니다! :SEY 는 새로운 가방들을 릴리즈했습니다. 모든 가방들이 매우 멋진데요. 특히나 제가 고른 "Guitar bag"은 5개의 텍스쳐가 들어 있어서 쉽게 텍스쳐를 바꿀 수 있습니다. !lamb. 는 새로운 긴 헤어 두 개를 릴리즈했습니다. 저는 그 중에서도 "Poppyseed"를 골랐는데요. 매우 귀엽고 걸리시한 헤어입니다!! .::Mother Goose's::.는 새로운 아시안 페이스 스킨을 릴리즈했습니다! 특히나 이번에는 남자버젼과 여자버젼을 함께 릴리즈했는데요! 이제 진짜 자신의 오빠를 SL에서 만들 수 있게 되었어요! ㅋㅋ 제가 너무나도 좋아하는 (NO)에서 새로운 맨즈 웨어를 릴리즈했습니다! 특히나 이 가디건은 여자에게도 잘 어울려서 좋아요! 체크!
今週多いアイテムたちが新たにリリースしました! :SEY は新しいかばんたちをリリースしました. すべてのかばんたちが非常に素敵ですよ. 特に私が選んだ "Guitar bag"は 5個のテックスチョが入っていて易しくテックスチョを変えることができます. !lamb. は新しいロングヘア二つをリリースしました. 私はその中でも "Poppyseed"を選んだんです. とても可愛くてガリーしたヘアーです!! .::Mother Goose's::.は新しいアジアンペーススキンをリリースしました! 特に今度は男バージョンと女バージョンを一緒にリリースしたんです! もう本当の自分のお兄さんを SLで作ることができるようになりました! ww 私があまりにも好きな (NO)で新しいメンズウェアをリリースしました! 特にこのカーディガンは女にもよく似合ってよし! チェック!
Newreem Waffle



Hair - !lamb. Stargaze - Mango (mod)
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::. sister Trudy _01
    *actually girl's skin, but they offered boy's version too!


Cardigan - (NO) Men's Knit Flap Cardigan - Black
Tee - BP*border shirts/boat neck/navy
Pants - Zaara : Jeans {classic} *charcoal*

Shoes - ANEXX_LeatherRidersBoots_Gray


Neckwarmer - Twosome Snugly Neckwarmer Black [Coming soon]
Guitar bag - :SEY GuitarBag/B[back]
Glasses - DUBOO*granny's glasses [Coming soon]
Belt - [ATOMIC] Music Belt_Red
Trunk - :SEY Drummer'sTrunkCase/Girls,5pose [Lucky board @ here]


Hair - !lamb. Poppyseed - Kit Kat
Skin - !tb - Girly Chic Light - Cotton Candy
Lash - [OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: Girls Secret _Light


Coat - GriBon/PeeeeCOAT/women*
Inner top - *Thimbles* Hoist That Rag - Charcoal/tee
Skirt - *MIU* border skirt (white * navy) [Albero autumn fair@ here]
Leggings - !BF! Crow Footless Leggings [Designers United event item]

Shoes - *ordinary* -Loridae- tan


Muffler - [OH] :::(#_# )::: Boyfriend Muffler Type B
Glasses - DUBOO*mickey's glasses [Coming soon]
Guitar bag - :SEY GuitarBag/B[back]
+Pose - esme for (pda)

+Photo studio - [L+U]PhotoStudio002 [Group gift @ here]

Holiday Parade - My Philosophy