Oct 16, 2009

lookbook #78

Today ::SUGARCUBE opened their new clothes line "Sugar.". Very cute and basic clothes line just like sugarcube. Also they released some items. Especially they offered "sugar by sugar dress" as a opening sale priced item until this weekend. And so cute top is offered as a freebie. So check!
오늘 ::SUGARCUBE가 새로운 라인 "Sugar."을 오픈했습니다. 기존의 Sugarcube의 이미지와 같은 매우 귀엽고 베이직한 라인입니다. 그리고 새로운 아이템들도 릴리즈했습니다. 특히 "sugar by sugar dress"는 오픈 기념 할인 가격으로 이번 주말까지 제공되니 꼭 기억해두세요! 그리고 매우 귀여운 top이 프리로 2층에 있으니 그 곳도 꼭 체크해 주세요!
今日 ::SUGARCUBEが新しいライン "Sugar."をオープンしました. 既存の Sugarcubeのイメージのようなとても可愛くてベーシックしたラインです. そして新しいアイテムたちもリリースしました. 特に "sugar by sugar dress"はオープン記念割引価格で週末まで提供されたら必ず憶えておいてください! そしてとても可愛い topがフリーで 2階にあるからその所も必ずチェックしてください!
Newreem Waffle



Hair - BP*hippie girl hair 1 brown denim/L


Top - ::SUGARCUBE - sugar by sugar dress (amethyst) only top part
Inner top - ::SUGARCUBE - turtle neck (beige)
Skirt - "NINIKO"pleats skirt(white)


Shoes - :::Usagui::: fringe boots


Hat - ::SPLIT PEA:: XO, Mom - flowerpot [Gacha item @ here]
Bag - *H+K* Music cat bag
Watch - Bunny Watch [Old CSR gift]

+Pose - [KissOverdose] Convict, Olive Juice-True Blood: Tara Thornton


Hair -CBC: Good Morning - Coffee with cream


Capelet - BomBon/mini capelet/red*
Top - ::SUGARCUBE - turtle neck (blue)
Skirt - ::SUGARCUBE - belted skirt ( green )
Leggings - DUBOO*grandma's gifts [brown]


Shoes - (Dernier Cri)Zombie Boot (part of (Dernier Cri) Zombie Avatar) [Free @ here]


Book - DP*yumyum* bunny:book (part of CSR:DP*yumyum*stoory of a bunny:gray) [Old CSR hunt gift]
Glasses -NALA-*LA Street Scene Valentines HUNT 2009* [Old hunt gift]
Hat - ::SPLIT PEA:: Tired of living in a cloud - hat [Gacha item @ here]

+Pose - [snOok] sweet as pie, (pda) I Shatter
Jo Won Sun - Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do


Bella Baroque October 16, 2009  

ok, i'm still waiting on your response for becoming my personal dresser. make my closet look this cute! you are adorable as always ms wafflebutt

Newreem Waffle October 21, 2009  

@Bella : hehe bellalalala! my answer is OK! ahaha super big OK! lol hehe always thank you! <3