Sep 25, 2009

freebie #7

Leggings girl's first leggings news!!! I found super duper cute leggings at [miw]. I love love this shop. I bought so many furnitures last day. And i visit again and found sooooo cute leggings and gummies. "Juicy Strawberry Leggings" included 3 colors of leggings and just 10L$. (amazing price!!!) And the gummy bag included gummy bag (you can throw gummies! lol) and mouth gummies. You have to check this shop and then get all unique and amazing stuffs!! And my favorite friday is coming again! And this friday's tons of 50L$ gifts are all amazing. Please check all their shops! And Cioccolata held so funny gatcha event. You can get so many great stuffs at there. Check!
####OMG i have to change some information about miw. They have a booth at Gnubie. (Just found *cry*) check here! all stuffs are 1L$ @ here!
.::Mother Goose's::. just released 3 skins. They are "Matilda", "Emily", "Whitney". Especially Emily and Whitney's body is sooooo much ADULT! (you can see the shadow of boobs in 3rd pic) ahaha and they have soooo unique eye makeup. And Matilda has a so cute jelly lips and moles. Check their shop and get some amazing stuffs ;)
Newreem Waffle

* LOOK 1


Hair - CBC: Good Morning - Uptown brown
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::.Emily SkiNE _06
Nail - ..::MAI::.. Gift Black Nails [Free @ here]


Jacket - BENI* -Tweed Jacket- Olive green [1L$ gift @ here]
Top - !Ohmai : Lippin Denim Tunic PITCH WASH [25$ Cioccolata Gatcha event item @ here]
Skirt - *Thimbles* Shark Fin - Black
Stockings - *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black


Shoes - *Kookie* Powder Puff ' Spikeys ' [50L$ Friday event item]


Beret - Decollage - Oh So French Beret. [free @ here]
Fishnet - CBC: Timeless Glamour (Fishnet for hat)
Belt - *COCO*_WideBelt(Embossing)_Black
Bag - ::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Pink [Lucky chair @ here]

* LOOK 2


Hair - =TEKUTEKU=drop(red1)
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::.Matilda _02
Nail - ..::MAI::.. Gift Black Nails [Free @ here]


Sweater - &Bean - Northern Lights penk [Old freebie]
Pants - -tb- StarLust Motel Shorts (wanna be camel toe, classy) [1L$ @ here]
Leggings - [miw] Juicy Strawberry Leggings


Shoes - *LG* Pretzelhunt Chucks [Slinfo Pretzel hunt gift @ here]


Gummy bag & gummies - [miw] Bag-O-Gummies!
[LAP] - 50L Friday gifts
Olive Juice

K.will - Dream


Bella Baroque September 29, 2009  

so cute! i especially love that jacket. gotta check out the gnubie store again too, YAY! great info and you look so cute using those poses, thanks :D

Newreem Waffle October 06, 2009  

i love that jacket too!!!
thank you for your awesome poses <3 i love you!!