Aug 4, 2009

lookbook #49

Summer Choice 2009 is started Aug 1. CSR hunt is my favorite hunt. So i'm very excited about that. (Check official site @ here) So this is my favorite Summer Choice 2009 gifts. Hope you enjoy this event xD
Newreem Waffle


* LOOK 1


Hair - ((JUNWAVE))SpringBreeze*BROWN*

Vest - "anuenue. Stitch pullover (Part of "anuenue. Hickory pants Choice2009)
Tee - tres blah neighborhood watch tee
Pants - "anuenue. Hickory pants (Part of "anuenue. Hickory pants Choice2009)


Shoes - Sakka's Studio Free clog shoes [Free @ here]


Hat - NoaR Boonie hat [Old hunt gift]
Passport - NoaR to SL Passport (Part of "anuenue. Hickory pants Choice2009)
Bag - ::plod::LeatherShoulderBag_Christmas version.

* LOOK 2


Hair - [OH]:::::(o_x)::::Oh my darling
Hand painter - tres blah painter hands (part of !tb - painted glory)


Top - !tb - painted glory tank (part of !tb - painted glory)
Pants - !tb - painted glory (part of !tb - painted glory)


Shoes - (Shiny Things) Freebie Painter Shoes [Free @ here]


Glasses - (W) Cat Eye Glasses
Bag - [ATOMIC] Canvas Art Tote
Apron - Gritty Kitty: Painter's apron CSR Summer 09 (part of Gritty Kitty: Summer Choice 09 gift)
Brush(hand) - Gritty Kitty: Brush CSR Summer 09 (part of Gritty Kitty: Summer Choice 09 gift)

Brush(ear) - YIPs 3 paint brush [Old RFL gift]

* LOOK 3


Hair - Uw.St Charlotte-Hair type-A red wolf


Whole outfit - *Edelweiss* School Blazer Cure - Choice!


Shoes - *Edelweiss* School Loafer (part of *Edelweiss* School Blazer Cure - Choice!)


Glasses - Gritty Kitty: DuckLips Glasses
Bag - ::MEZZO:: Lucky chair school bag*** [Lucky board @ here]


Qypthone - Scooter


perfume Yuitza August 05, 2009  

Hi, I really like ur selections in the outfits ;)

mmm for the second outfit with the paint splashes

I really love it, but I didn't know how to

go to the exact store =\

will u pls help me and provide the LM for it?

TQ ;)

perfume Yuitza August 05, 2009  

mmmm even this hair
Hair - Uw.St Charlotte-Hair type-A red wolf
I didn't know the place =\

sorry for bothering :$

Newreem Waffle August 06, 2009  


hi perfume! thanx for comments ;)
hmm do you want to know about !tb's shop?
Tres Blah is the shop's name and the owner is Julliette Westerburg.
so if you use search, you can find Julliette's profile and check the pick.
and Uw.St's location is here!
sorry for late!
enjoy your shopping <3

perfume Yuitza August 07, 2009  

ty ty dear :D

Newreem Waffle August 07, 2009  

@perfume : yw ;)