Jul 12, 2009

lookbook #31

Hello, all!
NAMI's tune makes me roller girl! yay! LOVE 70's and 80's disco sound! This retro event until tomorrow! ENJOY THE SOUND!!
My lovely friend modd found this awesome leg braces! It looks like creepy. But I love this!!! This is Rotten Toe's stuffs. Rotten Toe is awesome shop. very reasonable price and very unique. You can bought some circus style's clothes at Rotten Toe. Check!
And truth released awesome hair! hate truth! so fast released term, and always awesome! T_T My hair's name is Giselle. so lovely and great texture!
Newreem Waffle


Hair - TRUTH- Giselle - auburn
Nail - SiniStyle Faded Black Nails


Tee - DUBOO*sweetie pop tee
Undie - BALACLAVA!! undiebox-bull's eye/PINK
Knee socks - Rotten Toe - dirty socks & bandage (part of orthopedic leg braces)


Shoes - *katat0nik* Rollerskate (part of *katat0nik* (pink taco) Derby Girl RFL Outfit)


Head band - [CoL] - Mouse Ballet - Ear Headband (part of [CoL] Cat & Mouse Ballet) [Old gift]
Necklace - [mpb] Mixed Tape - Black
Bracelet - *KM* Spring Brights Bracelet (Thanx Guinevere!)
Leg braces - Rotten Toe - orthopedic leg braces
Roller rink - Reek - 80's Roller Rink [Free @ here]

Ursula 1000 - Electrik Boogie


Chance Greatrex July 12, 2009  

Oh no, what happened to your legs?..wear a helmet when you roll! ;D

Newreem Waffle July 13, 2009  

i fell from the skybox xD
so sweet daddy! <333