Jun 14, 2009

freebie #2

"Drowsy sim" is finally opened! yayy!
Very hard time to wait. ;-(
So lovely and amazing place!!!
I think that sim is the best lovely space that I've ever seen before!
And they offered these awesome gifts!!!!
But I can't tell you where you get these gifts.
Just tell the hint. ;)
1. "Drowsy" free by sato Yifu (Hint : find the giraffe)
2. "Drowsy" free2 by sato Yifu (Hint : find the ladder)
3. "Drowsy" SIM OPENING GIFT TEE and tape by BettiePage Voyager (Hint : find the Drowsy shop)
4. "Drowsy" pajama by sato Yifu (Hint : find the wagon)
5. Drowsy milk by sato Yifu (Hint : find the my favorite drink)
6. Drowsy Dessert by sato Yifu (Hint : find the my favorite dessert)
7. "Drowsy"_Free_Bag (Hint : I use "this" to scribbling)
8. Drowsy - grandma pillow by BettiePage Voyager (Hint : pink ballon)
9. Drowsy plant by Mai Runo (Hint : fountain & lotus flower)
And you can find many ballons and very cute ice cream!
Good luck to you =)
Special thanx to Ramona Forcella and Olivia Connaught
Strawberry Machine - Melon Soda