Jun 28, 2009

lookbook #22

Yay! Happy Sunday!
Today I met iLLNiniA at Starlust 'A La Mode.
And she gave this awesome present ;)
Thank youuuu NiniA <3
I thought she'll release this cute cardigan soon. Please waiting this cute stuff ;)


Hair - BP*maki hair /coffee/may2009
Nail - .+*FLUFFY*+. Neu Nailz - Rainbow!! Multi Colored 01[10min camp @ here]


Cardigan - NiniA. - Chancho va [Coming soon]
Pants - [ Love Soul ] Pants*Smile*Red
Warmer(L) - *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko Socks L / Snow yerrow
Warmer(R) - *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko Socks R / Snow pink


Shoes - magi take slip on shoes [ green ] [Free @ here]


BandAids on face - Hat Mechanic - BandAids - Bandaid Nose (wide)
Head band - Hat Mechanic - Usagi-Band (Ultraviolet) [Free @ here]
Glasses - [ glow ] Studio designs - Stars
Juice - *mocorin* SIZUKU PACK WATER [Free @ here]
Belt - Reek - I Heart Themes Belt (texture 7. mario)
Suspenders - { Kari } - New School suspenders
Teddy bear - Chico:Chica >> BuraBura Bear

La Casa Azul - La Revolucion Sexual


Pep Lemmon July 01, 2009  

oooooh, La Casa Azul!!!
how did u get to know them?? I never thought anyone could listen to them out of Spain!
That's a very cool song, indeed

Newreem Waffle July 02, 2009  

oooooh,I love La Casa Azul's music!
"Yeongene"(korean musician)featuring their music.
So i get this amazing band!
Their song makes me happy! xD

Pep Lemmon July 02, 2009  

It sounds so good in korean too!
nice korean-spanish connection ;-)

Newreem Waffle July 02, 2009  

Yayyyy! maybe pep and newreem meet in world.
that is so nice korean-spanish connection too lol

Pep Lemmon July 03, 2009  

hey! that'd be great!!

Newreem Waffle July 03, 2009  

hehehe i'll add you in world ;)