May 21, 2009

lookbook #2

Rain makes me sentimental.

Hair - *booN GIC128 hair chestnut
Nail - :::MM:::Pearly Brown Nail Polish, by Mix and Match

Cardigan - *COCO*_Cardigan_Lace
Tee - *MIU* flowercamisole (brown) [Old Free]
Skirt - **en Svale** Chiffon Dress (only skirt part)
Knee socks - Green Attic Socks by Paisley Mizin [Free @ here]

Boots - :::Usagui::: fringe boots
Hair stuff - (fd) Hair Stuff (Kill The White Swan)
Scarf - ::: MM ::: Boho Scarf Large Circle Vintage Den,by Mix and Match

Trunk - **en Svale** Antique Trunk(L)_Opening
Guitar - music Guy acoustic guitar by Polyester Partridge
Bear - Indie Rock for RFL Carnival Bear
Book - =TEKU+Eko= Books accessory(wear) [Group gift @ here]

TOY - Bon Voyage (performed by Cho Won-Seon of Rollercoaster)